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The BLUE ARABIAN HORSE CATALOG, Inc. will educate and enlighten the horse community and the general public about the horse originally found in the possession of the Bedouin tribes of Arabia, as identified and cataloged in the research book, The Blue Arabian Horse Catalog.  Education will assure the preservation of this horse's genetic integrity.  This education is accomplished through historical and scientific research, international cooperation and conservation projects. Public exposure is an essential ingredient in educating the Public of the superior qualities of this special animal and will enhance the prospect of its preservation.

New scientific research may disqualify some of the horses currently included, as well as possibly qualifying new entries in the Catalog, according to the standards of research in The Blue Arabian Horse Catalog. Rare and endangered lines may be discovered and protected. Historic data, books and photographs are procured and preserved for future reference and education.  The Corporation is developing a Library to fulfill these needs.  Our Convention, public projects, events, endurance rides, and newsletter make this historic horse visible to the public and enhance the prospect of the continued existence of the Catalog-identified horse as a valued, useful, equine family member.

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