The Blue Arabian Horse Catalog is offering a unique kind of show in order to provide opportunity for as many participants as possible. This is a schooling show, designed to be fun, informal and educational. This is a video show. You will not have the time and expense of travel, we do not have the expense of renting a facility and the headache of trying to figure where is closest to the most participants. This is designed to be inexpensive and as fun and educational as possible within a competitive event and we hope to encourage everyone to enter their eligible horses. The Sporthorse in hand is an exciting new kind of halter classes in the IAHA show world but is well established in the USDF ring. It does not require riding, but simply to walk and trot the horse in hand. By clicking here, you will find specific instructions for this simple class. Our judge is Clare Salmon, an experienced instructor, trainer and clinician who has proven herself and her students in IAHA and USDF dressage, including the Sporthorse in Hand competition. Every entry will receive a detailed and easy to understand score sheet with comments on your horse's conformation and movement and an explanation of your score. This is a wonderful opportunity to participate in a fun and educational competition with minimal expense and commitment. Practice as many times as you like, video tape your horses performance and mail it in. The judge will score the horses and results will be mailed to you and reported in the Blue Ink Newsletter and on the BAHC website. It doesn't get any easier!!

Blue Arabian Horse Catalog Schooling Show

~ Video Showcase ~ Summer 2003 ~

~ Awards donated by the Arabian International Registry (1967 ~ 2002) ~ (formerly IAHRONA) ~

IAHRONA was formed in 1967 to provide an alternative registry to the Arabian Horse Club of American.
More information can be found by clicking here. Scroll down to click on the link titled "1967 page 03."

~ Class sponsorships available at $10 each ~ Championship sponsorships available at $20 each ~
Click here to check availability and immediately reserve sponsorship on your selected class.

~ Classes will be placed thru sixth place with rosettes ~
~ Championship classes will recognize Grand Champion and Reserve Champion with Championship Rosettes ~
~ Winners will be recognized in the Blue Ink Newsletter and on this website ~

Class List

1 BLUE STAR Colts/Geldings of 2003 ~ Generously Sponsored by Chatterbox Farms
2 BLUE STAR Colts/Geldings of 2002
3 BLUE STAR Colts/Geldings of 2001
4 BLUE STAR Colts/Geldings of 2000
5 BLUE STAR Fillies of 2003 ~ Generously Sponsored by The Blue House ~
6 BLUE STAR Fillies of 2002
7 BLUE STAR Fillies of 2001
8 BLUE STAR Fillies of 2000
100 BLUE STAR Young Horse Championship (Highest two scores from classes 1-8) ~ Generously Sponsored by Huffman's Arabians The Original Series ~

9 BLUE STAR Mature Geldings
10 BLUE STAR Mature Stallions
11 BLUE STAR Mature Maiden/Open Mares ~ Generously Sponsored by The Blue House ~
12 BLUE STAR Mature Broodmares ~ Generously Sponsored by Aelfleah Farm ~
101 BLUE STAR Mature Horse Championship (Highest two scores from classes 9-12) ~ Generously Sponsored by Aelfleah Farm ~

13 Blue List Colts/Geldings of 2003
14 Blue List Colts/Geldings of 2002
15 Blue List Colts/Geldings of 2001
16 Blue List Colts/Geldings of 2000
17 Blue List Fillies of 2003
18 Blue List Fillies of 2002
19 Blue List Fillies of 2001
20 Blue List Fillies of 2000
102 Blue List Young Horse Championship (Highest two scores from classes 13-20)

21 Blue List Mature Geldings
22 Blue List Mature Stallions ~ Generously Sponsored by Hisani Arabians ~
23 Blue List Mature Maiden/Open Mares
24 Blue List Mature Broodmares
103 Blue List Mature Horse Championship (Highest two scores from classes 21-24) ~ Generously Sponsored by Hisani Arabians ~

200 BAHC 2003 Video Showcase Best of Show (Highest score from classes 100-103) ~ Generously Sponsored by Antique Arabian Stud ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ Only one horse per video tape ~ Presentation of the horse must be at the beginning of the tape ~ Use VHS tape only ~

~ Weanlings and 1 year olds may be shown in a halter and lead.
All other horses must be shown in a snaffle bridle to include a snaffle bit, browband and throatlatch. ~

click here for instructions for video presentation.

** Entry fee $12 per class, no office fee, no membership fee, no charge for championship classes **

Entries must be paid in full at the time of registration

Make Checks payable to: Blue Arabian Horse Catalog;
Mail payment, entries and tapes together to: Becky Huffman; 9340 Summit Court West, Cleburne, Tx 76033

click here for printable entry form.

Click here to request a printed entry form and information be mailed to you or with other questions.

Entries must be postmarked by September 30th

** Awards and score sheets will be mailed in a timely manner after the entries have been scored and placed **
** Video tapes will not be returned unless sent with a self-addressed return label and pre-paid postage. **