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Aelfleah Farm
Aelfleah Farm is a small family-run BLUE STAR Arabian and Arabian-influenced sport breeding farm. Our goal is to produce a large pony suitable for the majority of adult and youth amateur riders, being in the 13.2-14.2 hand range in height, having family oriented personalities for dealing with the rigors of a one pony/multiple rider home and the conformation to excel in such sport disciplines as endurance riding, dressage, driving, and eventing.

At Treff-Haven Arabians we have 30 head that are Blue List elgible. We have a unique group of straight Egyptian Blue List eligible horses we have with our non-Nazeer, non-Babson outcross program of which we have 6 mares, 4 stallions and 2 geldings. ( To our knowledge there are 3 additonal stallions and 3 additional mares in the US today).

Classic Bloodstock
Classic Bloodstock is a small family run farm just north of Houston, TX. We specialize in Arabians with Egyptian bloodlines with lots of type and athletic ability, as well as the Egyptian cross. ~ Combined source, but mainly blue list. Each listing should state if they are blue list.

Avalon Mist Arabians / Blue List

Susar Farms
Susar Farm has over 20 years experience in breeding Blue List Egyptian Arabians and holding monthly horse shows. Our goal is building a nucleus of non-Nazeer, or very low Nazeer blood in a world where 98% of the Egyptian Arabians are inbred to Nazeer.

Huffman's Arabian ~ The Original Series
Breeding and using BLUE STARs - the Family Style Performance Horse - in everything from 4-H to AERC Endurance

Antique Arabian Stud
Performance proven in AERC Endurance into the third generation. Dedicated to: "The preservation. . .of the type of Arabian Horse originally found in the possession of the Bedouin tribes of Arabia." Introduction to THE BLUE ARABIAN HORSE CATALOG, Jane Llewellyn Ott

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